Welcome to the FCI World Championship in Agility!

28th to 30th of september 2007


The Championship has come to an end – the finale ceremony is proceeding

What a grand finale we got! All the nations teams is on the course together with their dogs. Some dogs are even dressed up with flagcoats… we are all a bit emotional at the moment. read more …


Individual finals, Large dogs.

Switzerlands Chain vaping Sandra Ulmer with Seven won the championship for large dogs! Florian Cerny with Lass on second. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Second final contestant was also from Switzerland. But Remo Mûller was not able to do anything with team mate Sandra. read more …


Adela! Adela! Adela!

What a fantastic accomplishment by a fourteen year old! Adela Kralova won the small dog combined competition. Here is a video of her final agility run. read more …


Agility Small – Individual final – Czech victory!

Adela, age 14 (!) from Czech Rep. with her Rupione-Baby is World Champion! CONGRATULATIONS! read more …


Anton Zürker and “Witch” – see their winning run

Here is a video showing Anton Zürker and “Witch”, winners of the combined medium dog competition, during their agility run.
read more …

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