Agility Small – Individual final – Czech victory!

Adela, age 14 (!) from Czech Rep. with her Rupione-Baby is World Champion! CONGRATULATIONS!

The youngest contestant in this world championship has now won her gold medal!
Adela with her Rupione-Baby made a clean run faster then anybody:)

The arena was hysterical when the norwegian contestant Nils with Myggen did their run! Nils fell close to the finish line, but still managed to get in the lead.. next up was Elisabeth with Tequila, also from Norway, but she did not manage to run faster then Nils, despite his fall:)

The course is still very difficult – as it has been in this competition.
As we speak we have several disqualifications once more. The startinglist is set by the results of the jumping class from friday, and this makes it all very exciting! The best contestants start at the end.

Charlie, a spaniel from Estonia, still seams to be more interested in the volounteeres on the course then of running, unfortunately:)

Ann Kristin K.