Getting there is easy !

Getting to Hamar is easy, whether you come by car, buss, train or plane. read more ..

Areal photos

Here are some aerial photos of the Hamar area. read more …

A warm welcome to Hamar – the town of events

You’ll find the Hamar region a mere 1½ hours from Oslo and within half an hour’s reach of Oslo International Airport Gardermoen. Our pleasant and abundant cultural landscape extends from Mjøsa’s shore, across arable land boasting several of Norway’s most beautiful farms, to Hedemarksvidda’s forest clad wilderness and bare mountains in the more …


Norwegian currency:
100 EURO = NOK 819,00
100 USD = NOK 612,00
100 SEK = NOK 90,00

Evening meal

The gala dinner/evening meal will be arranged on Thursday 27/9 19.00-22.00 in a place called “Sagbladfabrikken” which is situated just 300 meters from the arena. Everybody is welcome. read more …