Go Nippon!

A small, but very noticable group in the arena is the delegation from Japan. Both the fanclub and the contestants seem to enjoy themselves. We met some of them on the stands, and they are truly a charming and enjoyable group! read more …


14 year old from Czech Republic in the lead

Fourteen year old Adela Kralova is in the lead in the individual class Small after doing a major run friday. Before the sunday finale she is ahead the current world champion Martin Eberle from Switzerland with 35 hundreths. read more …


Remo Muller; todays winner in Jumping, Large dogs

Remo and his dog Brit did a major run today. Nobody was able to beat them. read more …


The youngest contestant?

Ruslan Levsha from Latvia is one of the championships youngest contestant. He is only 15 years of age, but this is nevertheless his second time around in a world championship! read more …


Two times world champion

A pair to look out for; Silivia Trkman and her dog La!
read more …