Individual finals, Large dogs.

Switzerlands Sandra Ulmer with Seven won the championship for large dogs! Florian Cerny with Lass on second. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Second final contestant was also from Switzerland. But Remo Mûller was not able to do anything with team mate Sandra.

Svetlana Turmanova and Motley House Arago from Russia came in third.
Carrie James from USA did 34.80 and a clean run – and did a fine

Swedish contestant Paul Bjurehag chose to withdraw from the competition due to his dogs medical condition. this is the second swedish equipage out of the conpetition. The dogs health is of grater value than possible winning of a medal! Attitude to follow!

The course is very demanding and techincally advanced, and it is vital that the handler stay focused at all times. Good contacts and tight turns will be rewarded!

Agility individual large has begun, and as usual, the starting order is set by the results from the jumping. It starts at the bottom of the list, and continues upward towards the ones in the lead.

Eddie Tröber was the name on most norwegian lips a the moment before start. He was currently number 17 after the jumping, and with a clean run and good speed, he could be able to compete for the medals! According to teamleader Per Kirkevold, Eddie is a strong athlete very seldom troubled by nerves. Go Eddie!