The Brazilian agility team – a live view

Here is a brief glimpse of the Brazilian agility team during their training session at the arena. Although somewhat lo-fi, we hope that it gives you an impression of this long day of training sessions.
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Helt utrolig feltsikkerhet.

Practice at the arena

Everything can happen during practice!
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Checking in

One veterinarian and 7 assistants are guiding dogs from all over the world through a checkup. They scan the chip, check the papers and do a quick health check.
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Green is the color…

Green shapes are swarming all over Hamar OL-amfi,  but it’s not aliens – it is the small army of volunteers that are here to make sure everything runs smoothly.
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Practice in the park

On wednesday there was a practice session in the park, and it was incredible to watch the contestants at work. Some new tricks were also revealed.
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