The Championship has come to an end – the finale ceremony is proceeding

What a grand finale we got! All the nations teams is on the course together with their dogs. Some dogs are even dressed up with flagcoats… we are all a bit emotional at the moment.

Norwegian folkdance, friendship-rings, speeches and promises.
Last team has finished and the obstacles are tasken away.
This World Championship competition has come to an end.
It is sad that these days had to end.

Working in the Web group, we have had a fantastic adventure high up under the ceiling in the OL-Amfi. We have cried, cheered and “oooooooohhh”‘ed when it looked as something would go wrong. It’s almost impossible to work because we got so engaged in what happened on the course. Some of the runs will be remembered forever because we almost couldn’t believe what we saw.

Congratulation to all the winners and the rest of you competitors in this championship for the fantastic show and entertainment you have given us.

Barbro Bøe Werner


Updated: 01.10.2007 20:38 by Rune Mathisen